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SHE 2023 conference (JULY)

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She/He Conference 2023 (September)

Whatever country you are born in and whichever culture raised you Young and older, you were born with success in your DNA.   Let’s unveil it and give permission to dreams outside your present environment.    

Each year 400-500 people gather for the SHE HE Conference.  

Mostly young people and the cry is to “Become the Change “.  

Ministers come from different nations to pray for these precious young people.  

5 are coming from South Africa for this year, 3 from the United States and possibly Australia.    
Our leadership team of young people run the registrations and do much of the interpreting.     
Each year is marked by a wonderful life changing Presence of God.   Jesus is there healing, delivering and saving while the people sit in their seats and cry out to Him.  

The subjects of identity, unconditional love and personal growth are covered in the  teachings.  

We are still needing sponsors so if you would like to support this, you can donate through this website.   All donations are tax deductible.   
God bless you, we are thankful for all the prayers and gifts given 

Adrienne Evans 
AF Ministries



Adrienne Evans is a renowned speaker, minister and world traveler. She is driven to see a culture of success impact and transform lives.

As an influential voice in many nations, Adrienne has touched the lives of a vast audience through her blog writings, conferences and personal coaching. She is passionate about conveying the message of God's love and demonstrating His power through practical, profound teaching and ministry.

Adrienne is the founder of AF Ministries, holds a Bachelor of Ministry Degree and is a Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team.

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Join Adrienne as she makes stories from the Bible come alive through practical teaching with real life insight and application.

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Adrienne Evans can deliver the impact your team needs to advance forward and become a leading influential force in your industry. 




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