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I had no religious upbringing, growing up in Australia. I was a passionate motorcycle rider, living as loud and hard as I possibly could.

One evening, after reaching out to God because someone told me He cared for me, the course of my life changed forever. It marked the beginning of a new way to think and live. My greatest motivation now, is knowing that God has shown me His unconditional love by embracing my life like I was someone of value.

I knew then if He would do this for me, there is not a person who really wants to know the truth of His existence that He will not love and show Himself to.

I still have a love for being in the wind on a motorcycle. I own a Harley Davidson but I now ride with a different heart and love for life.

Ten years after I first visited the United States, it became my home. Now with great pride, I can say I am a citizen of both Australia and America - two great nations!

No matter where we live, Christianity is about people, not rules. It's about life. It is not only learning theory and theology, but living it out on a daily basis.

Knowing how to take hold of God's goodness and finding strength on a difficult day are two of the most important things we can learn, both personally and to pass on to others.

- Adrienne Evans

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