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SHE 2017
SHE/HE 2019

The SHE and HE conference is a time set apart especially for young people and leaders.


What began in 2016 with about 80 ladies has grown to approximately 600 young people coming together to learn about Kingdom Culture. 

In 2018 a few young men spoke with me about hosting an event for men, similar to SHE. 2019 now marks the introduction for our very first HE Conference!

“Whatever country a person is born in and whichever culture raised them, young and old alike, they were born with success in their DNA!"


Our passion is to see that success unveiled and give permission for dreams to grow outside present environments created by religious oppression, poverty and old cultural lifestyles.

These young people understand that if the the future is to change, that it begins with them. They are the catalyst of the new future. Powerful agents of change, way makers and trail blazers for young people coming after them.

As we prepare in Egypt to welcome Speakers from Australia, America, and Cape Town South Africa, we brace for the impact where old meets new.

“We set our feet on the pathway to change, this is our purpose".

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